Skulls size 3.0

      • 379.99 

        Blue sodalite is called the blue "logic stone" because of its The ability to clear the mind and bring out deep thoughts. A skull of this stone enhances the analytical side of the person possessing it. It triggers creativity.  Strengthens discipline and perseverance.  It lightens the mind and allows you to make good decisions.

        Size: 90x58x65 mm (3.5″x2.3″x2.6″)

        Weight: 432g (15.2 OZ)

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        The mossy agate skullcap, or dendrite agate, will help you release your inner potential and unleash your energy. This skull boosts self-confidence and pride in one's achievements. It also allows you to take on life's challenges with greater optimism and faith in success, even the difficult ones.

        Size: 88x58x65mm (3.5″x2.3″x2.6″)

        Weight: 444g (15.7 OZ)