Wrap yourself in variety and colors with Laparica Concept. Take care of a high-vibrational space by surrounding yourself with beautiful objects, for example, hand-woven pendants made of alpaca wool, whose properties are valued around the world. Larger sizes are great as gifts for smaller souls.

      • Od 79.99 

        Natural shell Available in two sizes S (about 12 x 10 cm) and M (about 15 x 12 cm). Two sizes of shells allow you to create interesting compositions. They can be used as Coasters for Aleppo soap, incense or jewelry. The shells represent an interesting addition to the interior. They can accompany you during yoga practice, wrapping palo santo, or meditation. You can calmly place dried leaves of white sage in it, and envelope yourself or your space.

        The products are natural. Shells may vary in color, shape and size.

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