Skulls size 4.0

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    The lapis lazuli skullcap helps to deal with stress and sleep better, also dreaming prophetic or conscious dreams. This mineral is called the "stone of wisdom"It promotes spirituality and helps to connect with the Universe. It is useful for anyone in working with spirituality, when doing creative work or study.

    Size : 102 x 71 x 65 mm | Weight : 681 g

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    Jasper skull "dragon blood" will be a stress reliever On anyone who comes near it. An excellent companion for breathwork and meditation, it's also worth having on hand by your bedside. Dragon Blood Skull Absorbs negative energy, will thus be the guardian of pure thoughts and good dreams.

    Size: 104 x 72 x 84 mm | Weight: 862g

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    The pietersite stone is known as the stormstone. It is said that a skull made of this Relieves negative energies and emotional turmoilIt also clears the aura, restoring calmness. Pietersite works with the body during meditation, quickly moving into a higher state of consciousness. It is a visionary skull and can be a companion for shamanic journeys. According to metaphysical beliefs This skull coordinates the activation of the sacral chakra and solar plexus, as well as the third eye, causing a powerful An increase in will energy and intuitive abilities. Pietersite is an extremely supportive and strengthening stone that increases self-esteem.


    Size: 102 x 76 x 65mm | Weight: 656g

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    Strawberry quartz skullcap especially affects the heart chakra. Gives strength to share feelings, strengthens love and friendshipbut also draws into our lives The right situations and the right people. Additionally, the strawberry quartz skull balances each other's influences of the physical body and aura.


    Size: 101 x 75 x 65mm | Weight: 629g

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    A skull that is a combination of quartz z tourmaline is strong enough to help balance our extremes in order to live in harmony. It dispels negative thoughts and has properties Protective. Cleanses and balances the energy of the entire body. It inspires an optimistic view of the world and promotes prosperity and happiness. This combination of quartz and tourmaline is also known as tourmaline quartz.


    Size: 101 x 76 x 65 mm | Weight: 650g