Skulls size 4.0

      • 539.99 

        Pietersite is a "magical" stone with exceptional varied coloration. In addition to its magical appearance, it also has extraordinary properties - in non-conventional medicine it is considered to protection stone. For good reason it is called "stone of vision- connects man with the spiritual world.

        Used for chakra work - opens the Third Eye chakra. Will work well as a personal protective amulet.

        Size: 102 x 76 x 65mm, 4.0 x 3.0 x 2.6 | Weight: 656g, 1.4 LB

      • 549.99 

        The lapis lazuli skullcap helps to deal with stress and sleep better, also dreaming prophetic or conscious dreams. This mineral is called the "stone of wisdom"It promotes spirituality and helps to connect with the Universe. It is useful for anyone in working with spirituality, when doing creative work or study.

        Size : 102 x 71 x 65 mm | Weight : 681 g

      • 559.99 

        Jasper skull "dragon blood" will be a stress reliever On anyone who comes near it. An excellent companion for breathwork and meditation, it's also worth having on hand by your bedside. Dragon Blood Skull Absorbs negative energy, will thus be the guardian of pure thoughts and good dreams.

        Size: 104 x 72 x 84 mm | Weight: 862g