• 34.99 

        Elegant gold stand made of metal for crystal balls.

        Universal size - fits any size ball. Height 2.8 cm, width about 5.3 cm. 

      • Od 249.99 

        Strawberry quartz especially affects the heart chakra. According to lithotherapy days the strength to share feelings, strengthens love and friendship, but also attracts the right situations and the right people into our lives. In addition, it balances each other's influences of the physical body and aura.

      • Od 209.99 

        According to lithotherapy, pomegranate Helps overcome fear of change, facilitates the recall of previous incarnations, stabilizes feelings and ensures fidelity in a relationship. It will also facilitate success in business. It enhances positive thinking and energy and brings hope.

      • 479.99 

        Zoisite is a stone with powerful energy of happiness and abundance. According to hitotherapy, it can relieve bad emotions such as sadness, feelings of helplessness, failure or anger. It has a positive effect on the heart chakra, Helps to open up to love.

        Diameter: approx. 6.6 cm

      • 279.99 

        According to lithotherapy, hematite adds vitality and physical strength. It is a stone that accumulates energy - so it brings energy balance to the human body by taking away excess energy or adding it - when it is lacking. Thanks to this improves well-being. It also neutralizes terrestrial radiation and negative energy.

        Diameter: about 7 cm 

      • Od 269.99 

        According to lithotherapy, tourmaline strengthens, heals and Purifies both body and mind, bringing clarity and calmness. It is a good choice for people struggling with difficulty falling asleep. According to unconventional medicine can help dispel feelings of fear, regenerate fatigue and boost the immune system. It also has a rejuvenating effect and prevents physical and mental exhaustion.


      • 259.99 

        In non-conventional medicine, ocean jasper is believed to have strong calming properties. It helps release negative feelings to help you feel more optimistic. Its energy stimulates the heart chakra to Evoke feelings of joy, happiness and elevated spirit. Recommended for meditation. 

        Diameter: about 7, 2 cm 

      • 319.99 

        According to unconventional medicine, rhodonite will Support you in healing spiritual wounds as well as in making decisions. It promotes unconditional love, strengthens friendship and is good for interpersonal relationships. At the same time, it also adds strength and protects against evil. 

        Diameter approx. 6 - 6.5 cm 

      • Od 239.99 

        Blue sodalite is called the blue "logic stone" because of its The ability to clear the mind and bring out deep thoughts. The stone strengthens the analytical side of the person possessing it. It triggers creativity. Strengthens discipline and perseverance.  It is said to lighten the mind and allow good decisions to be made.

      • Od 289.99 

        According to unconventional medicine, amethyst is a support primarily for mood problems, anxiety, restlessness, but also for migraines. Adds patience. It frees you from negative thoughts. It harmonizes, protects from evil, and brings creativity.

      • Od 249.99 

        Green fluorite cleanses the chakras, meridians and aura. Strengthens intuition and improves the ability to put into words messages broadcast by the subconscious. Working with green fluorite can help overcome harmful and outdated patterns. It also supports in a material way.

      • Od 119.99 

        Rose Quartz will tune you to feel love, receiving the subtlest emotions and extrasensory messages. Strengthens energy, empathy and sensitivitym, both to beauty and to other beings. Rose quartz is also a mineral that will work well for women's rituals and ceremonies.

      • Od 219.99 

        Lapis lazuli is opaque dark blue stone With elements of pyrite. Traces of white calcite also appear in some stones. This stone was especially prized in ancient Egypt. On a spiritual level lapis lazuli Filters and cleanses negative and harmful energies, regardless of their source. It is a great amulet because it immediately neutralizes the effects of the evil eye.

      • Od 199.99 

        Tiger's eye is supposed to ward off negative thoughts and doubts. Its function is to help you feel happiness in life. It is believed that Tiger's eye also has property dispelling anxiety and fear.

      • 309.99 

        According to alternative medicine Calcite is considered a stone of balance and has strong healing properties. It has the ability to purify energy. An energy cleansing agent.

        Diameter about 6.5 - 6.7 cm

      • Od 99.99 

        According to lithotherapy, rock crystal has a strong cleansing action Both for the body, mind and rooms. It is also said to act as an "energy amplifier." It absorbs unfavorable vibrations.

      • 349.99 

        According to lithotherapy, rock crystal has a strong cleansing action Both for the body, mind and rooms. It is also said to act as an "energy amplifier." It absorbs unfavorable vibrations.

        Diameter approx. 7.2 cm 

      • Od 119.99 

        According to lithotherapy, obsidian is an amulet that protects against bad luck and negative energy. It will make it possible to transform bad, painful experiences into positive ones. It is an ideal support for spiritual development. This mineral promotes change and development, allows you to look within yourself, cleanses the aura and adds power. At the same time protects from evil and allows you to use all your talents.