Herbal incense

Incense is an inseparable element of relaxing evenings, ceremonies, rituals, meditations. They cleanse the surroundings from bad energy, raise vibrations, allow to concentrate and improve mood. Discover how the extraordinary power of aromatherapy works and reach for carefully selected by the incense classic, traditional palo santo from Peru or white sage from Turkey. In Laparica store you can also find white sage in the version with rose and lavender, which will put you in a blissful, relaxing mood.

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        Kadzidlo of rosemary purifies the air in the room being smoked and its smoke relaxes and assists in fighting infection.

        Bactericidal, virucidal and anti-inflammatory The properties of rosemary give it a wide range of uses in herbal medicine. In ancient times, the smoke from smoking rosemary was used for infections and gastric and liver problems. Ritually used similarly to white sage for Cleansing people and objects from negative energy. Currently used for purposes similar to the above or as an additional element of meditation and exercise, such as yoga.

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        White sage for its unique fragrance can be treated like traditional incenseBut it is worth to use it every day, during meditation or in situations of negative energy accumulated in the environment. Smoke from burning sage cleanses, cuts off connections, evil charms and witchcraft, introduces a pleasant atmosphere. It strengthens the aura and promotes meditation. I infuse every interior of my home with it, moving clockwise and working with intention. For your comfort, in the Laparica store I offer white sage in a bunch that is easy to light on a saucer, for example.

        Each package is about 35g.

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        The scent of lavender will help you fall asleep, Reduction of headaches and alleviation of emotions therefore ideally suited for evening rituals such as Yoga or meditation. If you want regulate insomnia Smoke it in the evening in your bedroom. Lavender smoke also has the effect of germicidal and effectively repels insects.


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        Eucalyptus It is a dried herbal incense used in purification rituals as well as in incensing rooms where it spreads a pleasant, aromatic scent. Ideal for smoking during meditationand, as well as the practice of yoga exercises. Eucalyptus incense pleasantly stimulates and refreshes not only by its smell. Helps with fatigue, sluggishness and mental exhaustion. It can bring positive results in treating stress and tension headaches. The active compounds of eucalyptus dilate the blood vessels allowing for better blood circulation.