Skulls size 1.8

      • 289.99 

        Labradorite skull will be the perfect companion on the road to spiritual transformation. This mineral promotes change and growth, allows you to look within yourself, cleanses your aura and adds power. At the same time protects from evil and allows you to use all your talents.

        Rozmiar: 1.9″x1.5″x1.2″(49x38x31mm)
        Weight: 3 OZ (84g)

      • 199.99 

        The Blue Calcite skullcap is effective against your own laziness. It has strong healing properties Among other things: stimulates metabolism, improves the immune system, stabilizes heart rhythm, lowers blood pressure, and relieves pain. Due to the double refraction of light Enhances the effect of magical spells. It is a perfect complement to rituals and affirmations.

        Size:49 x 35 x 29 mm