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Our customers about us

"Shopping or the word shopping completely does not convey my experience at laparica. I think it is even a therapeutic process. Abundance therapy, beauty and femininity therapy, so much needed for us now, us women.

I feel very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Tamara and watch her nonchalant way of being. Tamara's clothes are synonymous with dignity and self-respect. I traded rags for robes and finally felt comfortable. The place itself is exotic and conducive to staying there longer. The wonderful creatures who accompanied me in color selection and patiently brought me more clothes and other accessories told me about themselves and I told them about them. This experience will stay in my heart for a long time. Thank you Tamara to you and your team for being so bravely and uncompromisingly yourself😊."

Daria Lewandowska - systemic therapist, coach and trainer

I am the lucky owner of a beautiful scarf, which is reliable in a variety of situations. You can always wrap yourself in it, because it is very soft and pleasant, warm and cover yourself like a blanket in the cooler evenings, lay on it in the woods or at the beach to take a picnic - it came in handy in many other spontaneous situations, where it turned out to be very practical. I love it, and it has beautiful colors and pattern ❤️

Along with discovering the Laparica store, I also discovered crystal skulls. Communing with them is an unbelievable pleasure, with each new skull under our roof, there appears a new interesting personality, often characterful, having its own opinion and much to say. Let me also say a few words about incense - Palo santo is amazing and for its aroma and for calming thoughts, you can feel the ancient power and wisdom of sacred trees in it. Also, I have to say that this is the most aromatic and much more powerful Palo Santo and sage I have meditated with.


Dear Goddesses, if you are here reading my review and the magical store Laparica it means that ``abundance is your natural state''. I am a regular customer of this store because of my love for beauty and our primal feminine nature. I have in my collection African jewelry, a Tibetan shawl and quite a large tribal family of crystal skulls. I was introduced to them by Tamara almost 2 years ago. I look forward with great anticipation to each new shipment of jewelry and clothing designs. Since I have been on a path of spiritual growth for some time, my heart has also been stolen by wonderful shamanic drums and I am currently waiting for two of them: the Forest Goddess and the Tree of Life, with which I will travel and take part in ceremonies.
P.S. I am also looking forward to the cards 😉
I recommend the magical products from the Laparica store to everyone.

Kinga Carska

Laparica is a place where you can feel the beauty and magic. I wholeheartedly recommend shopping here! The items are beautiful - both clothes and artifacts or beautiful smelling incense. Service is fast and professional. Very good contact with the customer, and in addition, opening packages from you is a pleasure - they are so beautifully packaged and fragrant 🙂 .


Laparica is more than a store. It is a place where the soul has the opportunity to choose the right creation for itself ✨ All the products are very carefully crafted and unconventional. My modest collection includes a kimono from India, a Tibetan shawl and a robe in the most energetic color of red ❤️ I also recommend palo santo, which is harvested from naturally dead trees, and white sage, which is collected by Turkish fairies ✨ Laparica's assortment is constantly growing and I don't lose my enthusiasm and curiosity for more new products 😍