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Our customers about us

I am the lucky owner of a beautiful scarf, which is reliable in various situations. You can always wrap yourself up, because it is very soft and pleasant, warm and cover yourself like a blanket in the cooler evenings, lay on it in the forest or on the beach to have a picnic - it came in handy in many other spontaneous situations, where it turned out to be very practical. I love it and it has beautiful colors and pattern ❤️?

Along with discovering the Laparica store, I also discovered crystal skulls. Communing with them is an unbelievable pleasure, with each new skull under our roof, there appears a new interesting personality, often characterful, having its own opinion and much to say. Let me also say a few words about incense - Palo santo is amazing and for its aroma and for calming thoughts, you can feel the ancient power and wisdom of sacred trees in it. Also, I have to say that this is the most aromatic and much more powerful Palo Santo and sage I have meditated with.


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