Copper Bowl


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Copper bowl Can be used as a stand for candle,jewelry, cone incense, palo santo, a bunch of white sage.
It will also find its use as an energy plate for crystals.


According to ayurveda Copper is an essential part of our lives. Copper articles are underestimated by us, and have been used for centuries in Eastern cultures, among others.Copper is believed to have the power to strengthen thoughts when sending and receiving psychic communication.According to Ayurvedic beliefs, copper has the ability to conduct spiritual energy between individuals, crystals, the mind and the spiritual world.
Articles made of this material are durable and reusable, which in the current environmental situation is an added advantage.
And with their noble and remarkable colors they will enrich any space.

You can clean copper articles with lemon juice mixed with salt. You must dissolve the salt well. Do not pour boiling water into the pot. Copper is subject to oxidation, which manifests itself in a change of color, and even on new dishes there may be discoloration.