Palo Santo

Palo santo is the wood from the Sacred Tree Bursera graveolens, which grows primarily in the Amazon. When set on fire, it gives off smoke with a very intense and pleasant aroma, harmonizing the mind and body. Because of its recent popularity, many stores offer low quality palo santo from mass plantations. Our palo santo comes directly from Peru, from indigenous people who harvest it only from naturally dead trees - only palo santo harvested in this way has pure energy and can work to the benefit of whoever uses it.

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        This natural incense will support you in breath work, during yoga and meditation classes, and in those situations where you feel Cleanse your surroundings and create a friendly atmosphere. KadzThe Palo Santo idols you will find in my store are for spiritual work with specific areas - the intentions engraved on the wood will help you.

        Palo Santo from Laparica store comes from Peru, is harvested by indigenous people exclusively from naturally dead trees.