POWER CARD - Talia of 63 Power Cards with Guide.


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The unique deck of Power Oracle Cards is an original design by Tamara Gonzalez Perea, released in a small, exclusive edition. In an elegant package you will find 63 Power Oracle Cards decorated with gilding and luxuriously published Guide. The mystical images featured in Cards of Power were created by artist Catherine Herman.

The set includes: 63 richly decorated Power Oracle Cards with beautiful illustrations in an exclusive larger format of 10.3 x 15.6 cm, a 200+ page unique and elegantly finished Guidebook containing a description of each card and instructions, and a carefully crafted card storage box.

See and feel yourself. You deserve all the good. The cards will generate in you the necessary power to create a purposeful, conscious, happy life. Everything is in your hands. May the power accompany you whenever you need it and support you every step of the way.

Invest today if you need to:

  • make decisions that are important to you easier and faster
  • Develop your intuition and learn to listen to it
  • better communicate with your Soul
  • learn to read signs and symbols
  • stimulate your creativity


POWER CARDS - what are they?


Intuition is your innate, reliable compass, which is why I created the Power Oracle Cards as a tool for independent work. They enable your Soul to communicate directly and extremely clearly with you -. With your Higher Self. They do this through both descriptions and mystical images full hidden meanings and symbols. So read each selected Card carefully and look at it closely, and you will find the answers you are looking for. You will be helped by the descriptions of the Cards found in the special Guide, Which you hold in your hands. Before you start working with exceptional 63 Cards of Power, clear your mind. Get rid of your thoughts and formulate a clear, bright intention. Then shuffle your deck and ... trust the Cards you are drawing. Your heart always knows what is best for you, and the hand guided by them will choose the right Card. Don't doubt it. Listen to the magical voice of the Universe, which constantly sings for you. Remember that you are an integral part of it, and the unlimited source of Divine Power is inside you.
The Goddess in me bows to the Goddess in you.
The Goddess in me bows to the God in you. With expressions of love
Tamara Gonzalez Perea