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The pomegranate skull will come in handy for anyone who lacks confidence and has trouble making decisions due to fear of the unknown. It helps you break free from toxic relationships, harmful habits, delusions and jealousy. Pomegranate is also a mineral that supports when you have emotional swings.

126x81x96 mm

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Crystal Skulls - what is it and what is it used for?

Hand-carved Crystal Skulls are artifacts that have been shrouded in mystery for years. First began to be discovered in the mid-19th century in Mexico. Neither their origins nor their method of execution have ever been fully understood by contemporaries, yet every indigenous tribe on Earth (from Indians to African tribes to Aborigines) believes in their power and uses the help and guidance of skulls in their rituals. One thing is certain: Hand-carved skulls made of quartz or other precious stones have extraordinary propertieswhich affect man and his surroundings. Their perfect form, carved with great precision, refers to the shape of the human skull - the skull of a man. it is the symbol of the end and the beginning. That which means life and death.

This form greatly enhances the effect of the mineral from which the Skull is made and gives each such Skull its individual, personal character. Therefore, when you purchase the Skull, Remember that you are dealing with a Being, your special spiritual friend, who will support you in your ritualsIt can help you to experience dreams and visions consciously, as well as protect you from negative energies. For this reason, it is not said that you "own" the Skull, but that you are its Guardian. Give it a name or Ask her what she would like to be called and trust your intuition. Each of the Crystal Skulls differs in properties due to the material it is made of. You can choose the right skull based on the attributes of a particular stone or on your own inner feeling.

Skull cleansing and preparation for work This is the same as working with other minerals - it is your intention that is important. When you want to cleanse it, you can expose it to the light of the full moon, put it in an incense, freeze it, wash it under running water or put it in salt or salt water. To recharge your skull with positive energy It is best to expose it to the sun's rays or to a subtle fire - for example, place it in front of a lit fireplace to absorb the heat.