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Inspired by world cultures Earrings made of colorful beads are the result of handiwork of artists from different parts of the world. Their colorfulness and uniqueness will emphasize your individual selfwill be a manifestation of feminine power and the belief that abundance is your natural state. Embedded in ethnic culture, CHAQUIRA earrings are trendy accessory woven with beads in different colors. Wear them with love and awaken your inner Goddess every day! They are perfect as an original gift for your loved one.


Why jewelry is not just a beautiful accessory for styling

If you believe that everything we surround ourselves with has an impact on our well-being, you'll fall in love with our unique and colorful jewelry. Especially in the earrings with the addition of beads, feathers, with the addition of the color of abundance, namely gold. Our jewelry is the quintessence of high energy optimism and freedom, a symbol of artistic patience and a way to manifest Your individual IAM. This is exactly how you can wear them, in harmony with your soul and your own needs. When it comes to life creation, there are no such concepts as "too colorful", "I'm not suitable for this", "I shouldn't wear this".

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