Siberian shaman drum 50 cm - BLACK OWL


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The owl is the epitome of wisdom and intuition, and is conducive to learning about one's dark side and accepting it. This nocturnal birdk supports transformation, listening to the inner voice, self-reflection, living in stillness and mindfulness. Use the Owl Shamanic Drum in ceremonies and meditations whose intention is to look at your inner life and awaken healing love.

Each drum is created by hand, so the lead time is up to 60 working days after payment of the order.

Dimensions50 cm


Shaman drums - why should you have them?

Shamanic drums are used in traditional ceremonies to trance induction, invocation of good spirits, concentration and purification. They can be used not only by shamans, but also by therapists or any person who wants to find the right rhythm during meditation or support ecstatic dancing or singing group. The sounds of the shamanic drum affect not only the person playing the instrument, but also the listeners in two ways: first using vibrations that affect the human body, Secondly, because of the rhythm that harmonizes brain function. 

Each shamanic drum from the Laparica store is handmade with the highest quality materials by the best craftsmen coming from the Siberian tradition. It consists of a frame made of wood, prepared carved by a craftsman from Ukrainewhose grandfather and great-grandfather also made drums, and from a natural goatskin string, imported from high-end specialists in Pakistan. Each drum is the work of several people who are masters in their field and who do their work with love. Included is a beater with a leather covered head. The intricately carved handles of the shamanic drum allow you to choose a model that best applies to your intentions or your Power Animal.

Is your Power Animal or symbol not here? We can make a custom drum for you. Email us at [email protected].

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Dimensions50 cm