Rose Water - 100% Steam Destilled Rose Water 100 ml.


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Rose water has extraordinary properties moisturizing and regenerating. It is perfect for fighting Dry and tired skin. Soothes and calms any tension and ma anti-inflammatory properties.

It will be ideal for people struggling with allergies and very sensitive skin.

composition : 100% Steam Destilled Rose Water

- Produced in an all-natural way
- 100% organic

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Rose Water

Water is obtained by distillation of fresh rose flowers With steam.

It has remarkable properties.

This product is completely safe and natural. It is perfect for fighting Dry and tired skin.

It helps in the natural regeneration of skin cells.

  • Works cleansing and moisturizing
  • Soothe the tension skin after a tiring day
  • Suitable for any kind skin and hair
  • It has anti-inflammatory effect, prevents acne formation
  • Acts against ageing skin, stimulates regeneration of epidermal cells.

It is a completely natural product.

It can be used by allergy sufferers and people with very sensitive skin.