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How do you give yourself energy and motivation on a daily basis?

My wonderful Beings! How often I hear from you: "what I have to do today, I will do tomorrow", "such weather outside the window that I do not want to do anything", "great that you run your business - but I do not have the knowledge, idea and motivation to start". My dears, I will comfort you. If you want something in life and you really think about it every day, and in addition to thinking you systematically do a small thing that will bring you closer to your goal - you can achieve almost anything and turn your dreams into goals!

Dear ones, remember that all these are often the usual excuses we have to deal with. Our behavior and approach to everyday life are very often like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Our attitude and mindset determines how fulfilled and developed we will be. Our mental well-being is often connected to our physical well-being. If we incorporate certain repetitive, systematic rituals into our lives every day - we will develop a habit of positive thinking. I believe that karma will come back to us with redoubled force. The more we give of ourselves to our surroundings and exude joy, love, goodness, willingness to help and share our experience, knowledge - the more often we will meet people on our path who motivate us and push us forward, reassuring us of the rightness of particular decisions. My Goddesses, I have prepared for you proven tips on how to energize and motivate yourself on a daily basis. Apply at least three of these points on a weekly basis, and be sure to share your feelings with me - how did it all affect you and did it give you real POWER? Remember - everything starts in the head!

# Planning individual tasks

A simple thing, and not everyone thinks about it or uses it. All you need is a notebook, a pencil or a pen. On the market we can buy a very large number of wonderful, beautifully bound notebooks often with quotes that on individual pages inspire us to action. As they say no plan is a plan of failure. It is worth to write down tasks for a given day or week in points. If we complete a task we feel better, we get a big boost of endorphins and satisfaction.

# Without sport and exercise - not a chance!

Sometimes we do a monotonous activity and feel sleepy. No coffee helps and we lose our enthusiasm to work quickly. My method is to take a step back so that you can take two steps forward. If you work at home or in the office, step away from the computer for a moment, look out the window - let your eyes rest, stretch, do Tibetan breathing. Sometimes 10 inhalations and exhalations will relax your tense body. It is also worth choosing your favorite sport and practicing it regularly. I recommend yoga, Pilates, Nordic walking or running. Often going for a 30-minute walk in the nearby forest charges us with positive energy and makes our mind clear. Start now and you will feel the difference!

# Surround yourself with positive people who will give you energy

We have a very wise saying - who you mate with, that's who you become. It works in everyday life. In psychology we very often call it mirroring. We often duplicate the behavior of others and get inspired by them. If you spend most of your time during the week with people who only whine, see the negative in everything and also feel jealous or doubt your plans, it is worth changing the company. Only with those people who cheer for us, inspire us, duplicate our passion and see the great potential is worth surrounding ourselves. Then we start to think positively and wake up every day with energy to act. We feel great joy when we can share our creativity with those around us. Let us know if such a change of environment in the long run works positively for you?

# The ritual of a great morning!

Simple actions like making our bed in the morning create energy. It lets us know that we have everything in order. Order in the house, on the desk, in the bedroom breeds order in our mind. Endorphins will be added by morning rituals that make us start and end our day with a bounce. Favorite breakfast, coffee, green tea? A morning stretch, or maybe a brisk walk? It all adds up to a positive attitude for the day ahead and nothing can throw you off balance.

# Repeating to myself - surely I will succeed and I can do it!

We are able to subliminally program our mind with a positive attitude and by repeating phrases and slogans to ourselves that will spur us into action and influence our state of mobilization. Just remembering in our minds our successes, positive moments in life or visualizing future successes triggers a surge of positivity. Let's love ourselves! Let us believe in our power and intelligence! Remember My Goddesses with this attitude you can do anything!

# Green recharges batteries

If you work hard during the week and you have the opportunity, go somewhere for a weekend, change your environment, stay in places where you have a higher percentage of oxygen in the air. The sea, mountains, forests, parks, lakes are perfect. Water has a soothing effect on us, and after walking uphill our breathing speeds up and we can get a good oxygenation. This increases our joy and desire to act and mobilize.

# Work with minerals

Gemstones will also purify you by adding real Power. Because the more sleepy, oxygenated and relaxed you are, the more energy you can gather to plan further action. In the store you will find crystal skullcaps that can accompany you every day! I encourage you to unite with Our Mother Nature by wearing gorgeous mineral jewelry and taking an interest in what magical properties specific minerals exhibit.