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Mineral of the Month OCEANIC JASPIS - what properties does it have and how does it affect our well-being?

My wonderful Goddesses, in March reigns a wonderful and unique mineral - Ocean Jasper. I highly recommend it, because it is one of my favorite minerals. I have come across it in the form of jewelry, spheres, skulls and other fanciful forms. Surely you would like to know why it is so special? First of all, it has a great influence on our well-being by reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and making it easier to cope with difficult and unpredictable situations. It is a talisman very much needed by each of you! In the current tough situation with our neighbors, we need to keep calm, internal balance and think rationally. The truth is that recent years have not been kind to us. First the outbreak of the pandemic, then the closure of stationary stores and all the restrictions. I have noticed that many e-shops in the clothing and cosmetics industry have moved online in order to survive in the market. I highly and strongly recommend owning ocean jasper and working with it on a daily basis. Dear ones, if you feel that you have no time for yourself during the day, you work hard for others and your schedule is full of deadlines - stop for a moment. Close your eyes quietly and move your thoughts to the shores of Madagascar...

Mysterious cliffs of Madagascar

Did you know that ocean jasper was once mined in Madagascar? It was only accessible at the base of a cliff that could be reached by boat at low tide. The exact mining location is the Analava district, Sofia region, Mahajanga province, Madagascar. Its growing value and uniqueness is due to the fact that the place of its extraction has already been closed and it will be less and less on the market. I invite you now dear Goddesses to visit my online store Laparica and purchase this mineral in the form of a unique skullcap for meditation and protection.

What does working with ocean jasper affect?

What is wonderful is this mineral will calm your mind and soothe your emotions. It will make it easier to accept any events that often come at us unexpectedly. What is interesting jasper has many colors, but most often we can find brown, red or green with smooth or mottled surface. Since ancient times, jasper has been a highly valued mineral which was used not only to make beautiful and decorative jewelry, but also small sculptures which could be used to decorate the interior of a home or to meditate with. Its unusual properties make it popular in lithotherapy.

In fact, most minerals I have come across have the ability to collect, store and emit energy. Surprisingly, when we have had a hard day and in the evening we lie down with a sun-warmed mountain crystal in our hand, after a few minutes we feel blissful relaxation and relaxation, as well as a slight pulsation. On the other hand, beads become paler when worn by a person suffering from anemia, and regain their color when they recover. Eastern medicine has been loudly communicating for centuries that our psyche and spirit are one. In order for you to be healthy, you must have a free flow of energy in your body. I know very well that you often live on the run, you can't take care of your life balance on a daily basis and you don't take a break from work. This often results in the accumulation of stress and blockage of various areas in the body. My dear fans of minerals - let's go back to our hero - ocean jasper.

How to work with ocean jasper?

I recommend you to be near the stone often, put it on a shelf in your bedroom by your bed, hold it and meditate with it. All this will have a relaxing effect on your whole body. Remember that your body is your Temple. By the way it will alleviate any muscle and joint tension. Working with it has a positive effect on the chakras in the throat, heart and solar plexus area. It will push you to achieve happiness, feel joy, maintain emotional stability. It is necessary to take care of harmony and balance.

Just like the water that helped create this wonderful mineral, we should want to go with the flow by taking in its energy. Good news also for couples who love each other but complain that they cannot build the right chemistry in their relationship:) Working with ocean jasper rebuilds such chemistry and provides endorphins. When working with jasper, close your eyes and imagine that you are floating on the waves. With each wave you take a long, deep breath. Each wave becomes smaller and smaller until the water calms down completely along with your emotions. Often in this situation, difficult emotions float away and we learn patience for a better tomorrow. As you might have read - ocean jasper is recommended for all people exposed to stressful situations, but especially it works great for the zodiac sign Capricorn. Are you such a zodiac sign? Or maybe you have someone like that in your family or among your friends?